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  • Towing mouth release
    Towing mouth release

    Towing Mouth Release

    Mouth release for aero or winch towing with a hang glider traditionally coming from eastern Europe has a big advantage of keeping your hands free for steering the glider at all times time during towing. It comes especially critical in the first moments of the towing when controlling the base bar should not be compromised by the need to open the release as it can be for the barrel release types.


    Have you experienced the nasty situation of the wing becoming unlevel when taking off from the dolly but you can’t open the barrel release because you’re fighting for your life?! That situation can be very dangerous. Watch the video below where Michael explains in details why and how to use the mouth release to make the towing safer.
    Watch the videos below for in-depth guidance for the aero-/winch-towing mouth release.
    Ships from Russia within 2-3 days. The delivery time is very much dependant on the destination location and typically takes about 7-10 working days for Europe, 2 weeks for the US and 2-3 weeks for Oz.

    not rated 109.90
  • gloves for hang gliding
    gloves for hang gliding

    Hang Gliding Anti Slip Warm Gloves | Windproof & Touchscreen

    Perfect gloves for hang gliding – warm, windproof, silicon anti-slip palms and touch screen friendly finger tips to operate your instruments during the flight!

    • Windproof zipper
    • Ergonomic design
    • Slightly waterproof
    not rated 22.90
  • hang gliding portable trolley
    hang gliding portable trolley

    Portable Light Trolley for HG | Foldable

    Light and foldable to help you get your hang glider to the take off!


    Material: Aluminium Alloy + Rubber
    Wheel Size: 10″
    Load Bearing: 60kg
    Size: 68x44x27 cm
    Weight: Approx. 3750g

    not rated 92.00
  • Hang Gliding Transportation Straps

    Roof Rack Ties with Buckle Protection


    *Size: 300cm x 2.5cm/9.8ft x 0.98in (length x width)
    *Colour: Black
    *Material: polyester webbing + zinc alloy buckle


    not rated 10.0028.00