No cable fiddling anymore! NEW Bluetooth UHF/VHF Radio Unit for Hang gliding & Paragliding with USB C charging!

UHF/VHF radio with integrated Bluetooth Walkie talkie for paragliding hang gliding


Introducing the Next Level in Hang Gliding & Paragliding Communications in the air: The All-New Integrated Bluetooth 5.0 Radio!

Hang gliding and paragliding enthusiasts, rejoice! Here we have something that we have tested ourselves for the whole flying season 2023 and can definitely recommend this new device. This sturdy new radio unit will spare you some time from fiddling with endless cables! Also you can say goodbye to the hassle of external Bluetooth devices / radio dongles. This latest radio comes with Bluetooth 5.0 low energy consumption module seamlessly integrated into the unit itself, offering unparalleled convenience. It will connect and re-connect to your headset automatically upon switching on the devices. Your preferred headset needs to be paired only once upon setting up the initial connection. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 low power consumption the 2500mAh lithium battery, supporting USB C charging, is more than enough for 10+ hours of talking and more than 30 hours in standby mode!

The sound quality of this unit is for sure some level up as compared to the well-known products from the lower price range. We were surprised how much better and more clear the  audio transmitted over this unit was. We recommend using a furry windshield on your mic to improve the sound quality and reduce noise 🌤️📻 We have a number of helmet headset choices compatible to this unit, check out the possible options:

1. Helmet HEadset E1+ Bluetooth 5.1 
2. VODOOL Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headset Helmet
And don’t forget to use a windshield to improve the sound quality!
JETTING Artificial Fur Microphone Windshield

Artificial Fur Microphone Windscreen