hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
FlexiClamp for Front Keel | Hang Gliding Camera Mount

Elevate your video capturing capabilities with the Delta Front Keel Tube Camera Mount, enhanced by our FlexiClamp. Specially designed for tubes of 50-54 mm, this mount offers a light, flexible, and strong attachment through the glider’s zipper.


It features a rotatable tube for precise camera adjustments, enabling 360-degree shots for versatile framing options. Installation is quick and easy. You will once need to install two additional zipper sliders (don’t worry it takes just a few minutes — see instructions below) suitable for your under-surface sail and you are good to go.

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hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
FlexiClamp for Wing Tip | Hang Gliding Camera Mount

Capture breathtaking aerial footage with our FlexiClamp Wing Tip Camera Mount, featuring our unique Flexi Clamp. This innovative clamp is designed for flexibility and durability, ensuring a perfect fit on the outer leading edge of hang gliders with tube diameters of 48-52 mm.


The FlexiClamp is lightweight yet sturdy, maintaining a secure hold without adding extra weight. Equipped with a safety hinge and a rubber-lined grip, it positions your camera for optimal shooting as the wing tip pops during flight, ideal for pilots seeking stable, high-quality footage from a wing tip angle.… Read More

Batten number stickers for hang glider
Batten Number Stickers

A set of waterproof number stickers for your hang gliding battens. The best adhesion results can be achieved if the surface was cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and a little bit heated by a fan.

One set of stickers is sufficient for up to three full batten sets.… Read More

hang gliding paragliding neck warmer
Neck & Chest Warmer

Very soft neck and chest warmer.

Color: black
Style: short/long
Lining: Thinsulate
Features: Water-repellent material, the surface is made of 600D water-repellent Oxford cloth, and the lining is made of 3D three-dimensional breathable mesh, light and non-slip… Read More

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