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FlexiClamp for Front Keel | Hang Gliding Camera Mount


Elevate your video capturing capabilities with the Delta Front Keel Tube Camera Mount, enhanced by our FlexiClamp. Specially designed for tubes of 50-54 mm, this mount offers a light, flexible, and strong attachment through the glider’s zipper.


It features a rotatable tube for precise camera adjustments, enabling 360-degree shots for versatile framing options. Installation is quick and easy. You will once need to install two additional zipper sliders (don’t worry it takes just a few minutes — see instructions below) suitable for your under-surface sail and you are good to go.




Suitable for any camera with a 1/4″ camera thread or a GoPro mounting system.

In the parcel:
– Flexi Clamp for 50-54 mm tubes with an integrated tube holder
– Carbon Tube with the camera screw terminal
– Mounting tip for GoPro systems

Find more details in our blog post about ClampIt action camera mounts for hang gliders:
FlexiClamp โ€“ clamp it and off you go! Cleverly Engineered Action Camera Mounts for Hang Gliders

Shot from the tip of the leading edge with a FlexiClamp mount and Insta360 R 1 inch:



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