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Bluetooth Remote Control for XCTrack


External Remote Bluetooth BLE with low energy consumption. Automatically connects each time you open XCTrack app.
Little tag at the bottom makes it practical to attach to the paraglider just near your hand.
Requires one time set up: just pair it with your phone and then set up the buttons functions in XCTrack Settings.





Multi-functional bluetooth-compatible remote control with 7 buttons, rechargeable, supports self-timer and video recording.
Fast automated connection with paired devices, stable and efficient, re-connects on its own in case of lost connection.
Small size, light weight, sensitive control, easy to carry.
Quality ABS material, frosted appearance, large button keys.

Type-C charging interface.

Material: ABS
Color: White, Black
Size: Approx. 75 x 40 x 8mm

Package Includes:
1x Phone Bluetooth-compatible Remote Control


Additional information

Weight 50 g