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  • Jam Adjustable GoPro Mount
    Jam Adjustable GoPro Mount

    Jam Adjustable Mount Clip For GoPro | Insta | etc.

    Mount Ready: Has a jam adjustable clip

    Quite light GoPro/Insta 360 ONE X R DJI Osmo camera mount with a clip. Suitable for the tubes up to 2.5 cm in diameter (like hang glider divesticks, uprights, profiled speedbars).

    The arm length is 15 cm.




    not rated 33.00
  • Insta GoPro Carbon Selfie Stick
    Insta Carbon Selfie Stick

    Light Carbon Selfie Stick for GoPro/Insta 360 ONE X R

    Made from carbon fiber this super light “Invisible” selfie stick will fit GoPro/Insta 360 ONE X R DJI Osmo action cameras.

    Take the best aerial shots !


    Mount Ready: It has an 1/4 inch thread at the bottom to be easily screwed onto an Altair Upright/Speedbar brackets.

    Adjustable length: 25 – 90 cm
    Weight: ~ 115 g
    Insta/Gopro mounts come together with the stick


    You can find 3D PRINTED BASEBAR/UPRIGHT BRACKETS with a 1/4″ screw sold separately for 35/40 euro hereClick Here

    not rated 35.00
  • Sale!

    Magnetic Magnet Mount for Gopro 5 4 3+

    Flex magnetic magnet mount for gopro and other action cameras

    Base Diameter: 13cm
    Feature1: Strong Magnets
    Feature2: Adjustable gopro mounting system
    Suit for 1: Backpack, clothes, harness, strap belt , canopy & other soft surface
    Suit for 2: Any magnetic surface
    Feature3: Extra safety cable protecting
    Feature4: Lightweight only 150g
    Feature5: Easy to use and carry
    Feature6: Waterproof Construction

    not rated 32.00