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Towing Mouth Release


Mouth release for aero or winch towing with a hang glider traditionally coming from eastern Europe has a big advantage of keeping your hands free for steering the glider at all times time during towing. It comes especially critical in the first moments of the towing when controlling the base bar should not be compromised by the need to open the release as it can be for the barrel release types.


Have you experienced the nasty situation of the wing becoming unlevel when taking off from the dolly but you can’t open the barrel release because you’re fighting for your life?! That situation can be very dangerous. Watch the video below where Michael explains in details why and how to use the mouth release to make the towing safer.

Watch the videos below for in-depth guidance for the aero-/winch-towing mouth release.

Ships from Russia within 2-3 days. The delivery time is very much dependant on the destination location and typically takes about 7-10 working days for Europe, 2 weeks for the US and 2-3 weeks for Oz.




Youtube video Series from Michael, RU and Ozzie pilot explaining why using the mouth release is a good idea to improve your safety while towing.

HG mouth release, part I – what a mouth release is for:

This is the intro to the hang gliding mouth release series. It shows different situations where such a release is used from a normal to not-so-normal towings, and compares it to the barrel release (pro tow) system.

HG mouth release, part II – design and in-built safety measures

– Design
– Amount of Muscle you need to have on your Jaws (hint: not much)
– How safe your teeth are in case the rope snaps while you’re still holding the mouth piece
– Manual opening in case it’s stuck
– Adjustments

HG mouth release, part III – attaching the release
Here we see how to attach a mouth release to the harness, a few ways are covered, all are FOR THE AERO TOWING ONLY.

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