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  • Aeros Combat buy
    Aeros Combat buy

    Aeros Combat 12,7 GT


    • Year of Production: 2015
    • Frame:
      – Aeros carbon speedbar and black anodized uprights
      – 10 mm carbon battens
      – Carbon fibre leading edge inserts
      – Adjustable CG System
    • Sail: Technora
    • Total flying time: ~ 50 flights
    • Overall condition: Very good
    • Last check done in 28.06.2019 by Primoz Gricar

    Contact us for details or contact the owner directly Tel: 0049-15771983684 / Arnim.

    not rated 3,900.00
  • Moyes RX3 Rent a hang glider

    RENT Moyes Litespeed RX3 | Europe | Summer 2023

    A very well tuned Moyes Litespeed RX3, all carbon except the front leading edges, in good condition is available to rent during the summer flying season 2023 in Europe. This glider size suits pilots weight of about 50-70 kg.

    Located in Austria.

    Contact us for the personal quote:

    not rated
  • Moyes Litespeed S4
    Moyes Litespeed S4

    Moyes Litespeed S4

    • Year of Production: 2010
    • Frame: Full carbon incl. leading edges, divesticks, speedbar, zoom uprights
    • Sail: Code Zero
    • Total flying time: ~ 50 hrs
    • Overall condition: Like new, crash-free
    • Set up and test flown by Olav Opsanger, norwegian Moyes dealer

    Contact us for details

    not rated 2,100.00