FlexiClamp – clamp it and off you go! Cleverly Engineered Action Camera Mounts for Hang Gliders


How often have you been disappointed with your footage despite having a fantastic flight? We’ve all been there. Shaky clips ruin what could have been a beautiful video, or the framing is off because a generic GoPro mount just doesn’t fit the specific tubing on your hang glider. And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just too much hassle to set up the camera when the mount isn’t designed for your needs. But now, we’ve solved these problems once and for all.

Introducing our new line of cleverly engineered action camera FlexiClamp mounts specifically designed for hang gliders. As fellow pilots, we understand the unique challenges and frustrations you face when trying to capture your flights. That’s why we’ve put a lot of thought into developing mounts that fit perfectly, are easy to set up, and deliver rock-solid stability for stunning, shake-free footage.

hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
Outer leading edge FlexiClamp mount for 48 - 52 mm tube
hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
Front keel FlexiClamp mount for 50 - 54 mm tube

Our unique FlexiClamp design sets these mounts apart. Engineered with a cutting-edge, flexible material, the clamp conforms snugly to various tube diameters without compromising on strength. This adaptability ensures a universal fit across different sections of your hang glider, making installation quick and hassle-free. The clamp’s innovative structure also absorbs vibrations, reducing camera shake to deliver clearer, more stable video capture.

Say goodbye to frustrating setups and disappointing videos, and say hello to sky-high shots that do justice to your flights. Our FlexiClamp mounts are not just mounts; they’re a game-changer in aerial video-/photography for hang gliding enthusiasts. We’re launching our line of camera mounts with two versatile models that offer a variety of great angles from your glider.



1. Wing Tip Mount

Our first FlexiClamp mount is designed specifically for the zipper at the tip of the outer leading edge, where the tubing typically measures 48-52 mm. This mount is engineered to quickly securely clamp onto the leading edge, with the tip of the tube holder protruding through the half-open zipper. During flight, the wing tip pops up, positioning the mount perfectly just behind the tube, giving a flawless perspective.

hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
FlexiClamp mount at the leading edge tip
hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
The hinge in FlexiClamp to protect the camera

To ensure your camera stays securely in place, the inner surface of FlexiClamp is lined with a thin layer of rubber that guarantees a firm grip and prevents any sliding. Plus, it features a safety hinge to protect your camera in case the landing doesn't go as smoothly as you'd hoped. Light yet sturdy his thoughtfully designed mount offers great stability for capturing stunning footage from your wing tip.

FlexiClamp hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
Shooting from a wing tip with a FlexiClamp

2. Front Keel Mount

Our second FlexiClamp mount is tailored for the front keel tube, fitting diameters ranging from 50 to 54 mm. It securely attaches through the zipper and provides a fantastic forward-facing perspective. To install, simply add two extra zipper cars, as shown in the image below. Don't worry; it's a quick and easy process, taking just a couple of minutes on your Moyes glider; we intend to provide the zipper carts in the future. We're actively researching options for other glider manufacturers, so if you have useful info about the zipper on your specific model, give us a shout at team@delta-goodies.com!

hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
Sleek and easy to install - front keel FlexiClamp mount
hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
Two extra zipper cars installed in front of the 'normal' one.
hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
FlexiClamp - clamp it and off you go!

Like the FlexiClamp Wing Tip Mount, this one also features a rotatable tube for adjusting the camera to achieve the best framing possible. If you have a 360° camera it will enable stunning shots, providing ample room for post-framing processing. Even a short scene can be edited from multiple angles, creating the illusion of having a few cameras on your wing. Check out the video below for a glimpse of the opportunities of the framing:

clampit hang gliding gopro insta camera mount
Shooting from the front keel FlexiClamp mount

Conclusion: More to Come

We're not stopping here! We're already working on expanding our range of FlexiClamp Mounts. Soon, we'll introduce new models tailored for the rear keel and mounts that integrate with our AltAir speed bar mounts for easy selfie stick attachment. These additions are designed to give you even more flexibility in how you capture your flights.

Stay tuned!

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