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Hang Glider Raining Bag Light


Our rain bags will be the best protection for your wing. Bags are available for any type of gliders. Contact us via if you need help to choose the right size. We will be happy to help you.

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Great protection for your hang glider from dirt and rain during transportation or whilst storing outside.

Universal sizes.
+ Material UV resistant PVC 300 g/sqm
+ heavy duty zip with 2 sliders (+ 2 spare ones)
+ loops for drying
+ internal and external valves
+ The size margin in width allows to put a couple of uprights or other spare parts
+ On the tail of the bag there is a sling and fastex, for adjusting the length by twisting
+ blue color
+ material is easy to wash, does not melt in the heat up to + 47°C, doesn’t crack in freeze


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Size 1: All wings with glass tips, 5.3m, Size 2: Combats 6.1m, Size 3: Beginer gliders, Your Custom size